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Established in 2014, Harris Aerial Images offers Aerial Film and Photography using Drone Technology in Bristol, the West Country and the UK and Internationally. At Harris Aerial Images we offer aerial photography, filming and surveying services to a wide section of industries and to the media We provide high resolution aerial photography and capture video in stunning UHD 4K and 1080p HD.


Harris Aerial Images has permission from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate drones at night-time. Licensed drone operators have to pass stringent checks in order to operate commercially. Only the most skilled and experienced pilots have the ability to fly in these more difficult conditions. For this reason, authorised drone operators are not granted night flying permissions as standard and have to apply for a CAA night rating separately if they hope to fly at night.


We are fully licensed by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and are fully insured, providing our clients with a safe, legal and quality service. We can provide fast response to the clients demands which means we can normally action a request within 24 hours of contact.

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A selection of our Video's and commercials

Aerial Photography and Videography

We utilise the latest in drone and photographic technology to produce ultra sharp aerial photos. Combine this with the flying expertise from our CAA licenced drone pilot and professional camera operator utilising a duel operation set-up and the results are simply stunning. We can offer fully end to end in house photo and film editing using the latest software.

Our professional Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) offers high resolution still imagery and 4K video up to 400ft. We can shoot your professional video and provide high resolution stills using our fleet of purpose built drones. Our company is fully insured to five million pounds public liability cover and we hold our Permission for Commercial Operations (PFCO) from the CAA

Aerial Property Photography

Our Aerial Property Photography and Marketing Service is a unique, dynamic and an inexpensive way of enabling a property to stand out on the UK’s property market. We use the latest technology to provide incredible cinematic videos and UHD (Ultra Hight Definition) aerial images of your properties.

Our Property Photography Service produces exceptional images and videos to show off properties and make them stand out on a very busy marketplace. This can help enhance the properties appearance and has been proven to be an extremely powerful marketing tool on many properties in the South West and the rest of the country.


Commercial and Corporate

Aerial Photography and Video can add enormous value and a unique perspective to any promotional video you shoot no matter what sector your business is in. We have a wealth of experience and working closely with any director we can produce the images worthy of your product.


Capture the fantastic surroundings, showcase the facilities, walks and other activities, show the stunning views. Drones are ideal marketing tools for tourism.

We have been lucky enough to have visited some beautiful parts of the UK and film some wonderful lesser known tourist attractions. The advantages of drone filming for tourism are plenty. There are many things, places of interest, hotels and more that benefit from the view from the sky. Drone filming inspires and just gives a view that is not possible by any other means. A view which is also useful for potential clients to see what your tourist attraction, hotel, golf course etc have that could interest them.

Sports and Social

We can cover any sporting or social event either indoor or out using drone-based footage with the capability of streaming live via You Tube or outside broadcast facility we can capture the action as it happens in the raw

Aerial Survey and Inspection

Drones provide an affordable and rapidly deployable means to assess land for either development or agriculture. Our aerial surveys use state of the art unmanned aerial vehicles fitted with high resolution camera’s with the ability to fly totally autonomously. 

Our software allows us to create 2D topographic maps and Orthomosaic, 3D raster DSMs and point clouds. We can use the data required for Volume Control on site, espeicially useful when working out quotes for large debris removal at the beginning of your project or ongoing where quarries are concerned. The data can also be integrated within with your existing CAD, GIS and traditional photogrammetry software in many formats.

3D Modelling and Visualisation

Created using Point Cloud using the same method we use to aquire our survey data a 3D Model can be Useful in construction, planning applications, creating for tourist attractions and commercial and corporate ventures. A 3D model of your site can offer a unique perspective. 

Whether you need 3D survey of a site, Orthomosaic detailing or a simple birds eye view. Using our Drone Technology and intergrating Ground Control Points within the image accusition process and using industry standard software we supply results with centimetre-grade accuracy.

Building and Roof Inspections

Aerial Drone Inspection is now replacing high level platforms (cherry pickers etc). Drones are fast becoming a safer and more reliable source for inspecting roofs and tall buildings and providing surveys for an ever increasing number of companies. Drones provide a more cost effective and safer method of collecting survey information whilst reducing risk as there is no longer need for staff to work at high level.

We offer a quick solution to building inspection. We liase with the client and they are able to see what the camera is relaying via a real time high definition downlink offering the client or surveyor the means to better control and view areas of interest as it happens, a more detailed analysis can then be viewed once the Drone is on the ground.

Harris Aerial Images Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are able to fly close to buildings and awkward spaces when other means of access would be extremely unsafe inapproriate and not cost effective. We provide highly accurate and detailed high definition pictures using the most up to date camera’s and equipment available.

360 Photography and Videography

Experience virtual reality and amazing virtual tours with the latest 360 Video technology. Our 360 Video and Photography uses the latest cutting edge camera and computer technology to produce high impact digital media that can be viewed by anyone with a smartphone or via YouTube. Also fully compatible with VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, but just as at home inside the low cost Google Cardboard.

Our 360° Tours are fully customisable. We can add video, photos, website URLs, PDF brochures, social media links.  From the sky, viewers will be able to sense the environment and will help showcase your property, urban re-development, or even your town or city, each tour can be customised to the individual clients instruction.

We have the ability to produce 360° films as well, allowing for a view of your project from a unique perspective. Add to this 360° panoramic photography in several styles and you can see why this medium is gaining ground within the world of media.

Landscaping Design and Mapping

Gone are the days of traditional manual landscaping processes. These days, drones are positively impacting the landscaping industry. Their ability to capture high-resolution aerial imagery assists service providers with land resource management. And with their ability for vertical take-off, they’re the perfect tool for monitoring large properties as well as small ones of 10 acres or less, or properties in condensed neighborhoods. Read on to learn more about the advantages of using drones for landscaping.

How can drones help improve efficiency for landscaping?

Using drones for landscaping benefits all parts of the process, including the pre-bid analysis. With drone technology, aerial imaging lets you capture real-time imagery of potential project sites.

Drone technology allows you to embed high-resolution UAV imagery in your existing GIS programs. This is cost effective because you aren’t required to replace all of your technology. And this also means your projects will stay on track because you don’t have to switch over to new systems. Your process will only be improved with high quality images.

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