Drones In Construction

By now, there’s no denying it: drones have made their way into the construction industry, and they are here to stay.
Today’s drones pack a big punch, helping project managers, superintendents, field engineers, and VDC teams build instant ROI with jobsite-ready maps and models.
Time and again, drones save money, reduce downtime, and improve safety on construction projects.

Project Monitoring and Site Inspection

Many companies choose to conduct mapping flights of the jobsite each week. This regular, aerial view is invaluable when it comes to tracking progress and inspecting for safety issues. Regular mapping flights have the added bonus of creating a complete, visual record of a site’s progress, which many project managers and site engineers find invaluable when it comes to exploring trends over time. Although nothing replaces boots on the ground, weekly aerial imagery can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend walking an entire site for the purposes of inspection and monitoring.

Reduce Downtime by Monitoring Contracted Work in Real Time

Many construction professionals also use drone-generated measurements to review the work of site contractors. With quick access to this type of information, a site manager can easily hold a contractor accountable, and save downtime by requesting changes to work before the contractor leaves the jobsite.

Generate Site Surveys in Days, Not Weeks

In a fraction of the time it takes to conduct a ground-based survey, a drone can automatically fly and capture imagery of a project site. Using traditional ground methods, it can take 1 to 2 weeks to collect survey data on a 60-acre jobsite. For most construction sites of this size, it takes less than an hour to fly and capture the same information using a drone.

Create 3D Models and Point Clouds Compatible with BIM Software

Not only are drone-based surveys faster to perform than ground-based surveys, but they also deliver much more detailed data. Where a ground survey yields only a few hundred points of resolution, a drone-generated point cloud contains millions of points. These high-resolution point clouds seamlessly integrated into BIM software, enhancing the work of VDC teams.

Resource Management

Measurement tools can be used to help your team make more informed decisions about a whole host of everyday site issues. Our software can be used to assess everything from the volume of a topsoil stockpile, to the width of a road for truck clearance.




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