What do we get when we hire Harris Aerial Images?

You will normally get a two man crew, one pilot and one gimbal controller meaning that the camera has 360 degree pan and tilt freedom to get that magic shot your looking for.

  • Skilled BNUC-S quilified pilot and gimbal operator who will work with the client to get the ideal footage

  • The most upto date advanced aerial platform with full 360 degree camera operation filming in HD or 4K

  • Live HD downlink to multiple monitors if required allowing the client the facility to view and guide us to get their desired shot

  • Live broadcasting if so required via YouTube

  • A Ground Health and safety management system, we follow the guidence as laid down by the CAA

  • Pre site survey, on site survey, risk assessment, weather checks, Landowner agreement and local air traffic assessment


What do we require from the client?

Here is a summery of information required?

  • Client brief of photography/filming requirements

  • Address or Longitude/Latitude Coordinates of Project Site

  • Date and Time required

  • Once we have the above information we will perform a pre-site survey and risk assessment and quote accordingly.

Please See Planning Your Project for more information


Is Harris Aerial Images licenced to operate commercially?

Harris Aerial Images Limited has “Permission for Aerial Works” as granted by the Civil Aviation Authority. Our Harris Aerial Images pilot has the BNUC-S qualification for flying unmanned aerial vehicles which is administered by EuroUSC, a specialist assessment and accreditation body recognised by Civil Aviation Authorities. These documents can be supplied to the client on request. If the company you choose is not able to show you their “Permission for Aerial Works” document then they are operating outside C.A.A legislation and are probably not insured.


Is Harris Aerial Images fully Insured?

Our company is fully insured through MoonRock Drone Insurance and have public liability cover to £5,000,000, our insurance policy can be produced for the client if so required.


What are your operating parameters?

Due to the regulations placed upon flying UAV’s we have to adhere to the following constraints:

  • We can fly to a height of 400 feet (AMSL), although we can apply to fly higher if required

  • We must fly Visual Line of Site, this means to 500m giving us a radius of 1km and if required fly upto 42mph

  • We cannot fly within 50 metres of any person, vessel, vehicle or structure not under the control of the Remote Pilot; during take-off or landing, however, the aircraft must not be flown within 30 metres of any person, unless that person is under the control of the Remote Pilot.

  • We have to make sure that the area is cordoned and we are not flying over roads or public spaces that are not secured from the general public and not under our control. We have experience finding ways to achieve aerial sequences safely so please feel free to consult with us in your pre-production tasking.

  • If you require flights higher than 400 feet we have the facility to use a helicopter if required


How Long can you Fly For?

Our flights average between 15 and 20 minutes and our flight system keeps track on actually flying time left. We can keep flying all day if required as long as we have access to our vehicle and onboard power station, we carry ten batteries with us to each project. Please allow us time for pre and post flight checks to be conducted between flights as set down in our Operations Manual.


How much does the service cost?

Each job is priced on an individual basis. Factors including the location, risk, amount of pre-shoot work required (such as site visits or obtaining special flying permissions, if required) will play a part. Please see our Rates and Terms for more information.


What weather conditions can you fly in?

We can fly in light rain and we have been caught in the odd hail storm with no adverse effects. We have flown in 30mph winds with no ill effects although we prefer calmer conditions as this produces better images and film. We do keep an upto date check on the weather within the area of the project and we also have the facility of radar, windsocks and anenometers at the site.


Can you Fly indoors?

Yes although we will require some space in which to fly, our aerial platform is specially designed to allow safe indoor flight. When we operate indoors we are not subject to the rules and regulations placed upon us by the C.A.A.


Can Harris Aerial Images work outside the UK?

Yes we can travel internationally. Once on location we will required one full day to assemble and check our equipment.


Does Harris Aerial Images Hire Out Its Equipment To Third Parties?

No. The pilot needs to be certified and licensed by the CAA with each Aerial Platform registered to and used by a specific designated pilot. Any job which is required is flown by us!


Are UAV’s better than Helicopters, Fixed Wing Aircraft or Dolly Rails?

Ultimately we would say yes, they get different results but we are much cheaper! We do use helicopters via one of our Partner companies as we recognise that clients may require footage taken over and above 400 feet. Our Aerial Platforms are relatively quiet being battery powered and can fly much closer to the action giving a far more intimate view point. We can also get up in the air quickly when action may be sporadic. Therefore you have access to aerial filming throughout the day. Fixed Wing Aircraft can offer great views from high up but again can fly no lower than 1000 feet over a built up area and again the price would be at least £2,500.00 a day.

Dolly Rails are limited in their direction and take time to assemble, we can be flying within minutes, utilising more time for the clients project/shoot, again our aerial platform can then fly in any direction necessary with full 360 degree panning for any shot required over any type of ground and water not possible with a Dolly Rail.




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