We try and keep our pricing structure as uncomplicated as possible. We also understand that each project is as individual as the client, this requires varying amounts of pre-planning and site survey work. 

With this in mind here are our current rates:


Aerial Photography and Film

All Day: £500.00*

Half day: £250.00*

If two a two man crew (Pilot/Operator) is required this will incur an additional cost of £250.00

Aerial Inspection

From £100 upward depending on size of inspection

Aerial Survey

Currently surveys are priced at £25 an acre

(Including all data and images in various formats)

Volume Calculation is priced at £60 per stockpile, any size

3d Modelling will incur a cost of £100

Editing, Rendering and colour grading of your project can be done in house from £500


The client will receive all data in the following formats:

Aerial Photography and Film


Video projects include all relevent footage captured at 4k resolution and rendered to the clients specification (normally 1080p) edited and supplied as either MPEG4 or Mov format unless otherwise specified.


Various file systems including:



Data can be supplied on memory stick or to The Cloud, Harris Aerial Images use DropBox and will set up a secure client portal accordingly at no extra cost

Travel expenses for UK projects will be billed at 45p per mile if further than fifty miles outside Bristol. If accommodation is needed, that will also be billable though this will be agreed with the client beforehand.

*An operational day is classed as 10 hours / Half day is classed as 5 hours

Our Prices are extremely competitive and we would suggest you call for an informal chat.


Terms and Conditions

Payment terms:

We require a deposit of 25% of the total quotation prior to the commencement of any work (Unless by special arrangement) with the balance paid within 14 days of receipt of the project. If full payment has not been paid within five days of invoice due date, a late payment fee will be required of five percent of total per day there after until payment is received. A revised invoice will be sent every two days recurring until invoice is cleared.


Cancellation policy:

It is completely understandable that not everything works to plan and so we try to remain as flexible as possible with our clients. If the project is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances , then the deposit is carried forward, provided the flight work is undertaken within a period of four weeks. If the project is cancelled indefinitely by the client then the deposit will not be refunded.


Changes to the brief:

Any changes made by the client to the original brief, following the submission and acceptance of the quotation, may incur additional costs.



All media is handed over to the client on completion of the project, including copyright. However unless requested otherwise, Harris Aerial Images Limited reserves the right to use any captured material for it’s own marketing purposes.



Our company carries public liability insurance of £5,000,000 which covers our operations. If there is a requirement to fly within a hazardous or sensitive area then additional insurance may have to be attained. A copy of our insurance can be supplied on request.


Overseas Operations:

UAV operating procedures differ from country to country, as do the relevant regulations, therefore if planning an overseas project it is essential to discuss this with us as soon as possible.


Pilot in Charge:

Ultimately the Pilot is in charge on the day and has full responsibility for his and those around the him and the general publics safety. If for any reason it is deemed unsafe to continue a flight and it has to be cancelled, then any decision taken by the pilot in relation to flight safety is final.